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January 2021
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What Our Clients Say

"This review is over due. Dan had remodeled both our bathrooms and did a beautiful job on both. He showed us how we could have ADA compliant fixtures without sacrificing style. Both rooms continue to receive compliments. Dan has has also squeezed us in for occasional small jobs like installing a ceiling fan and collapsing stairway to access the attic. When he is too busy, he finds us excellent subcontractors! You will never have an issue with his quality."

- Maggie Brady

"We had a whole house remodel done by Daniel Mackey Construction and have to say that right from the initial planning which involved a thorough discussion to on-site meetings"

- Julia Robert

Daniel Mackey Construction, Inc. Uses the Latest Green Remodeling Techniques

Dan Mackey is a Certified Green Building Professional and has been instrumental in developing a green building education program for the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. All of Dan's construction projects involve green remodeling techniques to provide the healthiest and most comfortable environment possible for his clients. Green remodeling focuses on indoor air quality, energy conservation, resource conservation, reduced material waste, and the use of products that are better for the environment (and for people) and is just the right thing to do. So when you work with Daniel Mackey Construction, you can be assured of the health and safety of your family members throughout the project.


Is Basement Remodeling A Good Investment?

When a home is constructed, there is often a definite and plan for the basement. Over time, and perhaps various owners, that need and purpose become irrelevant or are simply forgotten. The basement is used for whatever is convenient or, in many cases, becomes a storage area with whatever space is left being used for whatever is urgent on that day. Many families are content with the basement fulfilling that role. It is the stepchild with the rest of the home getting all the care and attention. While that is okay as far as it goes, using the basement as a storage area or to do things for which there is no space elsewhere at home is wasting great utilizable space that could add to the comfort and convenience of the residents as well as increasing the market value of the home.

The Return On Investment (ROI)

Remodeling a basement to make it a fully functional and useful part of the house costs money. This is one of the major reasons why homeowners often delay basement remodels - spending money on a “non-essential” part of the house when there may be more pressing uses for the money does not appear to make sense. However, if you look at a basement remodel as an investment, then the balance changes. According to Remodeling Magazine, a simple basement remodel can provide a return on investment of up to 70%. That means that for every $1,000 spent on the remodel, the value of the home increases by $700. If the remodel includes features like insulation, great flooring, a bathroom and so on, the ROI will be even higher.

Basement Utilization Options

The space that a basement offers makes it an essential part of your home. This is especially true now that we are, hopefully, entering a post-pandemic world. Even when COVID 19 has gone, the way we live will never go back to what it was. The home has become and will remain a far more important part of our lives and the place where we spend more time. With more being done at home and more time being spent there, more space will be needed. The basement could be the ideal solution. These are just a few of the ways the space can be utilized.

• A guest room
• A mother-in-law suite
• A teenager’s bedroom
• Children’s play space
• Home gym
• Home theater
• Home office
• Informal entertainment room

Since the typical basement is a large open space, the remodeling options are great. Look at the space your family needs or the comforts it deserves. Your basement, if professionally designed and remodeled, will often be the best way to give it to them.

If a basement has never been really used as a living or working part of the home, it is probably dull and badly ventilated. This will often influence how families view it and affect their ideas on how it can best be used. A design-build remodeling contractor will be able to give you designs that will show you how a basement can become a vibrant and essential part of a home.

Perhaps you are happy with your home the way it is and do not really need to use the basement. There may be possibilities you have not thought of - things that you can do to the basement that could give you comfort, convenience and ways to use the space that you have not considered. At Daniel Mackey Construction we know how to create dream homes for our clients. Contact us and we will look at your basement, understand your lifestyle and space requirements and offer you basement remodeling options that will take your home to a new level. If you need more utilizable living space in your home, we can remodel your basement so that it gives you what you need. If you are happy with the space you have and feel that you do not need to use the basement, we can offer you basement remodeling options that will change the way you think about the basement and how central it can be to your family’s comfort and happiness at home.
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