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June 2015
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What Our Clients Say

'The positive interactions with the staff and their concern about our comfort changed our remodel from a process we endured to a process we enjoyed as our home was being transformed. It is our pleasure to endorse Daniel Mackey Construction and we heartily recommend them to friends and neighbors.'

- Dean and Bonnie Smith

"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Daniel Mackey Construction to anyone and will always let anyone who calls know how happy I am with the job. It's been a year and I'm still so awed at the wonderful transformation Dan accomplished. Thank you to all!"

- Bonnie Jordan

"I hired Daniel Mackey for two different interior construction projects. They were right on time, and took care of ALL the small details that most people do not notice. They were flexible, professional and extremely nice."

- Gus Kambeitz

Daniel Mackey Construction, Inc. Uses the Latest Green Remodeling Techniques

Dan Mackey is a Certified Green Building Professional and has been instrumental in developing a green building education program for the National Association of the Remodeling Industry.

All of Dan's construction projects involve green remodeling techniques to provide the healthiest and most comfortable environment possible for his clients. Green remodeling focuses on indoor air quality, energy conservation, resource conservation, reduced material waste, and the use of products that are better for the environment (and for people) and is just the right thing to do.

So when you work with Daniel Mackey Construction, you can be assured of the health and safety of your family members throughout the project.


Glass: Durable and Fashionable

Glass is one of the most versatile materials known to man. Yet, its evolution as a key element in interior design has been rather slow. However, in the last three decades, interior designers, architects and construction companies have been experimenting with glass for various applications and functions within a building. Glass manufacturers have responded to this renewed interest in glass and are producing several variants of the more common, transparent and tinted varieties of glass.

While transparent glass makes the interiors look roomier and brighter, tinted glasses look aesthetic and make a fashion statement. Further, special purpose glasses and their variants fulfill various functions within the building that were previously achieved using other materials.

So how are designers using glass to embellish interiors?

  • Glass Stairs and Floors: Glass Staircases that are cantilevered with a steel or wooden support inlaid into the wall make the staircase look like it is floating. This is complemented by intelligent lighting and glass floors, for a classy look.

  • Glass Walkways: This is a new trend in hotels, offices, malls and commercial complexes. Glass walkways are used to connect two parts of a building, and are being lit up in interesting ways.

  • Glass Bathrooms: Shower cabins and shower screens are being designed using transparent and frosted glasses to create both aesthetic appeal and privacy.

  • Glass Partitions: Glass Blocks have been used to create wall dividers and partitions in offices and homes from a long time. In the recent past, glazed or frosted glass is being used to create an entire wall that can regulate light and privacy while occupying lesser footprint than glass blocks or wooden partitions.

  • Doors for furniture and cupboards: A popular application of glass which continues unabated. However, there is more variety in the colors, textures and patterns available today and these are used to create an interesting effect in the enclosure.

  • Table-tops and work surfaces: While a centerpiece of glass enclosed in wood or steel has been a popular design option for tables, now designers are experimenting with entire surfaces made of glass for a classier look.

  • Wall paneling: Wooden panels, wooden bookcases and display cases are now being designed using glass and lit from the back or the top to create a stunning visual impact.

  • Other interior elements: Glass is also being used for guarding and balustrades, glass signage, kitchen splash-backs, picture frames, mirror frames and wall tiles.
Special Purpose Glasses

  • Stained Glass: For windows, doors and partitions between enclosures
  • Silvered glass: For decorative panels and cladding of interior walls
  • Lacquered glass: Wall cladding
  • Safety glass: Toughened glass that can be used for railings, balustrades or barricades
  • Laminated glass: A type of toughened glass that is used in bullet-resistant and safety applications
  • Low-emissivity (Low-E) glass: This type of glass traps the heat within an enclosure, allowing less of it to escape through windows; hence used for thermal insulation
  • Acoustic glass: For noise control in high-noise locations
  • Solar Control glass: Reduces the heating that occurs from harsh or excessive sunlight
  • Self-cleaning glass: Glass that uses sunlight and rainwater to keep itself clean
Designers and architects are of the opinion that they have only scratched the surface when it comes to the utility of glass in interior design. With time, there will be more innovation and creativity in this direction, creating innumerable design possibilities in the future.

As a leading Remodeling Contractor, Daniel Mackey Constructions is in tune with the latest trends in interior design. To know more about how glass can do wonders to the ambience of your home or office, call us on our given numbers.
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