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November 2020
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What Our Clients Say

"We have used Daniel Mackey Construction for several projects, small and large, over the past 10 years and have always been more than pleased. Dan Mackey is competent, honest, easy to communicate with and very customer-oriented. He runs a medium size company with crews of both employees and subs. He is always personally available, often on-site and occasionally he actually works hands-on. Projects he has completed for us have all been on-time and on-budget (except, of course, for the changes WE have made). Punch-list items are handled promptly. We trust Dan's work and pricing explicitly and no longer even get other bids for our projects."

- Valerie Manke

"Before I decided to remodel my home I heard lots of horror stories. I must say I had nothing but a very pleasant and nice experience. The entire crew of Daniel Mackey Construction were very nice, professional and took care of all my concerns and needs. They not only finished their job on time, but also the finished house is beautiful. I will most definitely call them with my future projects."

- Radha Rangaswamy

"We have worked with several contractors over the course of our 30 years as home owners. None has come close to the professionalism and quality of design Daniel Mackey Construction offered us on our recent remodeling project. Most contractors leave you with a sense that a shoe will drop and it does, but with Dan and Debbie there are no surprises, and that is extremely comforting."

- Lucy Helveston

Daniel Mackey Construction, Inc. Uses the Latest Green Remodeling Techniques

Dan Mackey is a Certified Green Building Professional and has been instrumental in developing a green building education program for the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. All of Dan's construction projects involve green remodeling techniques to provide the healthiest and most comfortable environment possible for his clients. Green remodeling focuses on indoor air quality, energy conservation, resource conservation, reduced material waste, and the use of products that are better for the environment (and for people) and is just the right thing to do. So when you work with Daniel Mackey Construction, you can be assured of the health and safety of your family members throughout the project.


Things To Consider When Planning Your Home Remodel


The common reasons for remodeling a home are to give it a fresh new look, increase the space, or to add new features and comforts. While any of these is a good reason to remodel, there is one other factor that can be added to a remodeling project without in any way affecting the primary reason or reasons for undertaking the remodel. That is making the home more energy-efficient. While the benefits of doing this may not be immediately visible, they are there and once you see the reduction in your energy costs, this could add to the levels of comfort your home gives you.

Here are a few things to consider when planning your home remodel.

Use The Minimum Framing

If you are adding new walls, keep the framing to the minimum allowed by your building code. This will save money on lumber which can be used to increase the insulation between the studs, reducing the amount of heating and cooling losses.

Check Your Windows

Your windows may look good and replacing them may not be part of your remodeling plans because you do not want to needlessly push up the costs. However, old and worn windows are one of the biggest causes of heat loss which increases your utility costs. If your windows need to be replaced, do it. It will save you money in the future.

Check For Water Intrusion/Seepage

Often there are leaks and signs of water damage that are hidden behind built-ins and appliances. These could not only weaken the walls and lead to short circuits and the risk of fire, but the insulation may also be damaged, causing increased heating and cooling losses. Your contractor should look for any sign of water damage and ensure that the proper repairs are done, even if they were not part of the remodeling plan.

Use Home Automation

Home automation is not only about increasing comfort, convenience and safety. It can also be used to increase energy efficiency. A system that will turn on the HVAC system, lights and appliances at preset times or by remote control from wherever you may be will allow you to keep your home comfortable without wasting power.

Check The HVAC Ducting

Ducting is generally placed in unheated areas of the home, such as the attic or basement. If it is possible to relocate the ducts to heated and/or cooled areas, this will reduce the heating/cooling losses and so there will be less load on the HVAC system.

Add Insulation Around Recessed Lights

If recessed lighting is part of your remodeling or exiting lights will remain in place, have the area around them properly insulated to ensure that there are no air leaks that could increase the heating or cooling load.

Do Not Wait For Water

Heating water takes energy and that pushed up your utility bills. Besides adding solar water heating to your remodeling plans, insulate the pipes so you do not have to let the water run for a long time before it is hot enough. The sooner you get hot water from the faucet, the less water you waste and the less energy consumed.

Install Automatic Humidistats In Bathrooms

Installing these systems will ensure that the exhaust fan or dehumidification system starts working when the humidity reaches a predetermined level and shuts off when the humidity comes down. Not only will this keep the bathrooms as dry as possible thereby reducing the chances of mold formation, but it will also eliminate the possibility of the fan/dehumidifier being left on by accident and running the whole day until someone notices and turns it off.

There is much more you can include in a remodeling project to make the home more energy-efficient and economical to run. The best way to be sure that your energy efficiency is not compromised by the other imperatives of the remodel or that these are not affected by the need to be energy efficient, is to have the remodeling done by a design-build home remodeling contractor. If you are not sure what design-build means, click here to find out. Daniel Mackey Construction is known for creating dream homes for its clients. This means we take all the time needed to understand what our clients are looking for in their remodeling, offer our advice and suggestions on the plans for them to consider and then create a design that gives them what they want and more. The “more” includes making the home energy efficient so that the new home is not just what they expect, it is environmentally friendly with minimal energy costs. We are green construction experts and will make adding energy efficiency to your home remodeling plans simple so you get the home you want with the added benefit of being energy efficient. Contact Us at (408) 274-6060 and we will be glad to begin a dialog that will lead to your new home.
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