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September 2020
We Have Over 30 Years of Experience Specializing In:

• Design-Build Remodeling
• Kitchens
• Bathrooms
• Additions
• Whole House Remodels
• Green Building
• Custom Cabinetry
• Home Automation
• Window Coverings
• And More!

What Our Clients Say

"I hired Daniel Mackey for two different interior construction projects. They were right on time, and took care of ALL the small details that most people do not notice. They were flexible, professional and extremely nice."

- Gus Kambeitz

"Dan and his team worked very hard to meet all of our expectations. We have used them on large (Exterior remodel including stucco, gutters, window and painting and Interior remodel including bathroom, painting, drywall, plumbing) and small (urgent plumbing needs, fencing quotes, etc.) They are professional, knowledgeable and quick to respond. Dan is hands-on and works to make things how we want them."

- Ronda Heiser

Daniel Mackey Construction, Inc. Uses the Latest Green Remodeling Techniques

Dan Mackey is a Certified Green Building Professional and has been instrumental in developing a green building education program for the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. All of Dan's construction projects involve green remodeling techniques to provide the healthiest and most comfortable environment possible for his clients. Green remodeling focuses on indoor air quality, energy conservation, resource conservation, reduced material waste, and the use of products that are better for the environment (and for people) and is just the right thing to do. So when you work with Daniel Mackey Construction, you can be assured of the health and safety of your family members throughout the project.


Why Design-Build Home Remodeling Is The Right Option

Design-build is the hot new buzzword in home remodeling. Everyone knows the overall concept – instead of using separate designers and contractors, one company does both the designing of the remodel and the execution of the project. It makes life simpler for the homeowner, but that is not the primary reason for opting for this method. There is much more in the way of creating the basis of a successful remodel.

Expertise In Both Design And Construction

A qualified design-build home remodeling contractor has the experience and expertise in both design and construction to ensure that both aspects of the project mesh seamlessly together. This ensures that everyone involved in the work knows exactly what they are supposed to do and can complete the work to the required standard in the expected time frame.


It often happens that the designer and the contractors have different positions and concepts on the proposed project. The designer may think that the contractor is uncooperative or stubborn if designs are questioned, if cost estimates are not agreed to and timeframes are not accepted. The contractor may feel that the designer has ignored better options, is compromising on quality by insisting on lowering the project cost, or compromising the end result by insisting on unviable time frames. The differences can be worked out, but often both parties remain on different pages. With design-build, such problems can never arise because the designer and builder are the same. There can be no disagreements or buck-passing on the design, the materials to be used, the construction methods, the cost, timeframe, or what the completed remodeled will be. A smooth and efficient design and construction process is the foundation of a successful home remodel.

Homeowner Involvement

In every remodel, there will be unexpected developments. It is up to the designer and contractor, with the homeowner’s approval, to find solutions. This can be difficult if there are 2 differing opinions on how to proceed – the homeowner is often trapped in the middle. With design-build, there is a straight client-contractor relationship which makes understanding the problem and finding the best solution much faster and simpler. Another aspect of homeowner involvement is the amount of it. Some clients want to just give overall guidance on the kind of home they want and leave the rest up the designer and contractor. Others want to be involved on a daily basis because it is their home. Here too, the triangle of designer, contractor and client can make coordination confusing and difficult. With design-build, the client-contractor direct relationship will prevent any confusion or misunderstandings on the degree of homeowner involvement.

Clear Communications

A key factor in any successful remodeling project is keeping everyone involved updated about the work and receiving their inputs, advice and suggestions. The 3-way communication path of the of the client, contractor and designer triangle often leads to information not being conveyed to all, miscommunications and misunderstandings on the inputs from the parties all of which may lead to costly and time-consuming mistakes in the remodeling.


The savings that come with design-build of 2 types. Since the total project management and execution are the responsibility of one party, efficiencies that result in financial savings may be achieved. In addition, with the contractor overseeing all aspects of the remodel including managing and coordinating the many different aspects of the remodel, including supervising the subcontractors, the total project time, from start to finish may usually be reduced.

At Daniel Mackey Construction we know that for our clients it is the result of the remodel that counts; the method used to achieve it, whether design-build or the traditional different designer and contractor, is secondary. That is why while our track record and great levels of client satisfaction prove our design-build capabilities, we are also happy to work with outside designers to execute their plans to the highest possible levels. To learn more about our company, our qualifications and experience, our accreditations and awards, the testimonials we receive, our design-build process and the full range of home remodeling services we offer, please visit our website. The contact u page provides all our contact details to make it easy to ask your questions and to seek clarifications and additional information. Why not contact us to get started on creating your dream home. Even if you have no immediate plans for a remodel, it never to early to start the planning.
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