"Dan has been guiding us in the right direction all along. We have complete trust in him and his crew."
- Saba Sathya

Hardwood Flooring services in San Jose, San Francisco Bay Area

Floor Coverings

With so many choices available to the consumer, selecting the perfect floor covering for your home can be a daunting task. Daniel Mackey Construction has the knowledge to help you choose the perfect floor coverings to update or replace your floor, and the experience to provide an efficient and pleasant installation process.

We offer a large selection of hardwood flooring, including engineered and hand sculpted woods. Solid hardwood flooring, like classic Maple and Oak, is timelessly appealing and provides a lifetime of beauty and warmth to your home. More exotic woods are available in engineered flooring, and include African Rosewood, Pecan and Jatoba. Or perhaps the more antique look of hand sculpted woods like Walnut and Hickory, individually distressed by skilled artisans, would be the best fit for your home. Whatever your need is, we have the products to provide you with beautiful results that you will enjoy year after year.

Daniel Mackey Construction is also committed to taking care of the environment, and utilizes the latest techniques and materials in Green building and remodeling. We have many products that are made from rapidly renewable woods such as Lyptus and Bamboo. We also know that the health and well-being of your family is an important factor in any home renovation decision. That is why we use low-emmitting materials, adhesives and sealants, and products that are formaldehyde-free, eliminating toxic product emissions. We are proud to offer products and services that are not only better for the environment, but are better for the families we serve throughout the Bay area.
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