"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Daniel Mackey Construction to anyone and will always let anyone who calls know how happy I am with the job. It's been a year and I'm still so awed at the wonderful transformation Dan accomplished. Thank you to all!"
- Bonnie Jordan

Traditional Craftsmanship Meets the Latest Technology

Master Bedroom Projector
Daniel Mackey Construction is committed not only to maintaining the quality and craftsmanship of our traditional home remodeling work, but also in continually expanding our offerings to meet the needs of today's homeowner. And that means being on the cutting edge of home automation technology. There are many exciting possibilities for incorporating home automation into a remodel, allowing our clients to experience a whole new level of enjoyment from their homes.

Imagine coming home, and with the press of a button the lights turn on, the air conditioning kicks up a notch, and your favorite music begins to play throughout the house. Or use the same system to page your kids for dinner, view security camera feeds on any screen in the house, and stream music from your iPod to your patio.

TV Favorites
With home automation, you have ultimate control and flexibility from any room with wall-mounted keypads and touch screen remote controls. And with Daniel Mackey Construction taking care of your home automation needs during a remodel, not only are you spared the hassle of finding and dealing with another company that will be in your home, but you can expect the same quality and care in the installation and setup of your new technology that comes with any of our remodeling projects!

Whether it's creating the ultimate home theater experience complete with a projector screen and a cinema quality sound system, or simply redesigning your entertaining space with an ultra slim plasma LCD television, we can find the solution for you!
From surround sound speaker setups to iPort docking stations that allow you to listen to your favorite tunes right from your iPod throughout the house, home automation can provide solutions that will be music to your ears!
The right lighting control means so much more than just creating an appealing atmosphere. It can improve your home's energy efficiency by allowing you to control only the lights that you need on from a single remote control. It can also improve home security by enabling clients to turn lights on from a bedside control or a Car Visor control. And automated lighting can enhance the mood for entertaining, or create the perfect home theater experience!

And Much More!

Check out "Our Most Recent Commercial" on our videos page to see many of the latest home automation products and features in action!
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